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Effective Pet Urine Treatments in Plano, TX

Even though you really love your pets, the reality of having pets in the home means you are in need of professional pet urine and odor treatment in Plano, TX if your pet has been having some issues lately. Even with the best of training and grooming, pets can still act up from time to time.

Despite your best cleaning efforts, if your pet has had an accident on your rug or carpet, you may require a pet urine and odor treatment from a professional carpet cleaning company. Pet urine can be very hard to get rid of and home remedies may not work and are not recommended.

Your carpets and pet urine

Unfortunately, once an animal has urinated on your carpet or rug, the urine seeps directly into the carpet fibers and can saturate the carpet under padding also. If it reaches the under padding, the smell is very difficult to get rid of unless you opt for pet urine and odor treatment by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Opting for professional pet urine and odor cleaning

Have you noticed that even after you have cleaned up pet urine from your carpet, the smell seems to linger on? Likewise, even if you don’t smell it for a while the odor reappears if your home is locked up for some time or the air is humid. Unfortunately, pet urine crystallizes and is reactivated by moisture thus the smell never seems to go away permanently.

Getting the treatment done immediately

If you are present when your animal has an accident on your carpet, use some paper towels to blot up the moisture. Next, pour some club soda on the stain and blot up the excess moisture. If you were not home and the stain has had a chance to settle, you will need to call for a professional pet urine and odor treatment.

Preventing Further Accidents

It advisable to invest in pet urine and odor treatment for your carpet because once your pet urinates in a particular spot, unfortunately they will most likely return to that spot again should the situation arise.

To prevent your loved pets from doing their business on your expensive rugs and carpets, opt for professional pet urine and odor treatments in Plano, TX. Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. is your first choice for effective pet urine and odor treatments.