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Testimonials circa 1918

For nearly 100 years, people have been saying the nicest things about Oriental Rug Cleaning Company. Read just a few of the comments from 1918.

"This is to say Mr. Amirkhan has done considerable work for me on both Oriental and Domestic Rugs and I find it entirely satisfactory."

- Mrs. A. Goldstein

"Mr. Amirkhan's work is very satisfactory and I was well pleased with same."

- Mrs. Chas L. Sanger

"This is to certify that Mr. H. M. Amirkhan has cleaned a number of Oriental and Persian Rugs for me with perfect satisfaction. I recommend his work and hope he may find sufficient work to locate in our city, Dallas."

- Mrs. Sam P. Cochran

"Mr. Amirkhan has cleaned Domestic and Oriental Rugs for me and has given perfect satisfaction. His work is superior to any I have ever had done."

- Mrs. Rose Titche Spencer

"I am pleased with the work that H. M. Amirkhan has done for me."

- Mrs. Isaac Rosenbaum

"I can truthfully say that H. M. Amirkhan cleans Rugs most beautifully, in fact just like new. I was more than delighted with the way he cleaned all of mine."

- Mrs. Philip Sanger & Mrs. Edgar Pike

"I take pleasure in stating that the cleaning of the Rugs was very satisfactory."

- Mrs. Hugh E. Prather, Highland Park

"H. M. Amirkhan has cleaned some Oriental Rugs for me which have been quite satisfactory."

- Lillian Greever Collier, Oak Lawn & Mr. A. N. Rodgers, President Rodgers-Meyers Furniture Co.

"The Rugs are perfectly cleaned, the color seems to be restored, and the pile is so thoroughly raised that they look quite new. I shall be delighted to recommend your work to my friends."

- Mrs. B. C. Epperson

"Find my room looks much better and well pleased with your work."

- Mrs. S. B. Perkins

"I want to thank you for Cleaning my Rugs so beautifully, and for making my front porch rug look like a new one."

- Mrs. M. Peck

"We take pleasure in advising that the work you have done for us recently, in repairing Oriental Rugs has been highly satisfactory, all equal to any we have had turned out by any of the Eastern repairers. We can heartily recommend your work to any who may need this kind of work done."

- Ellison Furniture & Carpet Co. Per W. A. Mahaffey

"We are very much pleased with the work you did for us."

- Mrs. Henry Exall

"Your work was entirely satisfactory and I shall be pleased to recommend you to my Waxahachie friends."

- Mrs. F. H. Coleman

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