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Rug Pads

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. sees the best and worst of area rug padding. We offer several excellent padding solutions to meet the needs of various rugs and floor surfaces.

Why Use Rug Pads?

  • Minimize slippage
  • Increase the life of the rug
  • Feels more luxurious underfoot
  • Smooth out irregularities on the floor
  • Absorb noise
Eco Premium Rug Pad from Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

The Eco Premium pad has a polypropylene backing that grips the floor and the ¼ felt top layer holds your rug and provides an extra layer of cushion underfoot. This pad also offers the added protection of a non-permeable barrier between your rug and floor in case an animal accident or spill and is made of high-quality recycled materials. Made in the USA, this pad can be professionally washed.

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