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Rug Pads

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. sees the best and worst of area rug padding. We offer several excellent padding solutions to meet the needs of various rugs and floor surfaces.

Eco Premium


Non-slip Rug Pads in Dallas TX

Eco by Design


Thick Custom Rug Pads in Dallas TX

Features & Benefits

  • Pet urine/spills moisture barrier
  • Sustainable/100% recycled and recyclable
  • Radiant heat-excellent heat pass through
  • No odors or off gassing
  • Non-toxic & non-allergenic
  • Will not stain, discolor or mar flooring
  • Can be professionally washed

Why You Need Pads

  • Minimize slippage
  • Increase the life of the rug
  • Feels plusher under foot
  • Smooth out irregularities in the floor
  • Absorb noise

Oriental will furnish quality pads for new rugs, wash existing pads and replace worn pads under all your area rugs.

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