Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. Professional Cleaning and Repairs

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. take pride in providing the best value and the highest quality work to our customers. All of our work is done in our plant by our experienced staff, which collectively has 150 years of experience cleaning and repairing rugs. We do not subcontract any of our work. Our operation combines time-tested rug cleaning and rug repair techniques, passed down through three generation of Amirkhans, with the latest in rug care technology. This blend of the old and new is critical because, while the basic components of rug cleaning — dusting, cleaning, rinsing, grooming, and drying — have not really changed in over 100 years, the modern-day improvements in cleaning efficacy, quality control, plant efficiency, infrastructure, and office procedures are significant. Our plant features the most modern rug cleaning technology. For example, we are among the very few rug care businesses in the country that feature both a compression wringer and a centrifuge to extract moisture from cleaned rugs. We also use compressed air dusting and have a heated drying room to ensure that all of the rugs we clean are efficiently and effectively dried.